At Chef By Request we believe that the keys to healthy living include both what we eat as much as what we do. We take care of what you eat so you can focus on what you do. Whether that be focusing on your career, spending time with the kids at soccer practice, helping take care of an aging parent, or doing the things you enjoy most it is our belief that having the freedom and ability to sit down and enjoy a great meal can help you attain your personal goals and we want to be the ones to provide that great meal. For more information, email


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  1. Steve P. Says:

    I have been having food delivered from Chef By Request for just over two weeks and have already lost 13 pounds – without doing a thing other than eating the food delivered to me seven days a week (I have a desk job and am not currently able to exercise much due to time constraints). I started eating Chef By Request food (seven days a week – all meals) at 293lbs and am down to 280lbs already. To be candid, it was only the first few days that took some time for me to adjust, after which I actually started looking forward to sticking with the food delivered from Chef By Request, because I started to feel so much better within just a few days. Granted, I had terrible eating habits beforehand and had no idea how much those bad habits were contributing to my feeling so tired all of the time. After about 10 days on the Chef By Request cuisine, I had to take a business trip for four days (on the East Coast) and found myself not eating as much as I typically do during business trips, which helped me maintain during the trip. My overall goal is to get down to 225lbs, at which time I will be at around 10% body fat, according to my recent “body composition index” (“BCI”). I know I won’t continue to lose weight at a rate of 7lbs per week, once I’ve taken off the first 20-30lbs. But I’m thinking that a pace of a couple/few pounds per week should be easily achievable.

    I haven’t mentioned yet just how great the Chef By Request food is – it is great! My wife is jealous when she sees me eating fresh fruit and omellets or pancakes each morning, as well as steak salads for lunch, and steak, fish, chicken or tofu for dinner – plus really great snacks for afternoon and evening. It is amazing the difference this has made in my life. I already have more energy to play with my 5 year old than I’ve ever had before. I am just very thankful that a neighbor of mine – who lost 55lbs over six months – referred me to Chef By Request. I can’t ever see myself going back to my poor eating habits, even after I achieve my goal weight in 6-8 months. And my whole family might have these meals delivered at least a few days a week – just to help with our eating habits and lifestyle. More to come next week. So far, this program has made an amazing difference for me in so many ways. Thank you.

    Steve P.

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